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Improvisational theatre: a tool for unlocking creativity

Experience of self-development and widening creativity through improvisational theatre

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Improvisational theatre is a complex non-formal educational methodology. It teaches us a high level of cooperation and offers a wide range of opportunities for skills and personal development.

ImproWise” is a training course for trainers, facilitators, youth workers, youth leaders, educators and teachers, who actively work with groups of young people, and intend to apply improvisational theatre and use improvisation techniques in a more conscious way.

The training consisted of five full working days of practising improvisation techniques and experiencing impro scenes focusing on specific topics in each session, e.g. presence, connection, trust, spontaneity, flexibility, risk, mistakes, creativity, characters and storytelling. In improvisational theatre stories and characters are created on stage while performing.

Training was held at Creative Space, from 11th-17th February 2017 in a beautiful location in Hollókő in Hungary.

Association Prism supported a member Barbara Ivković, youth worker, to participate in a training course “Improwise” and she would like to share her experience with you.

We came all the way from Norway, Netherlands, Ukraine, Switzerland, Poland, Croatia and Czech Republic to Hungary to participate in “ImproWise” training course organised by Egyesek Youth Association team led by Gergely Kiss and Dávid Abony.

We stepped into the spontaneous world of improvisation and were instantly caught in the flow of inspiration which was bursting out last month in Unesco World Heritage City of Hollókő. For five intensive training days we practiced improvisational theatre and how to apply it in teaching, youth work, and everyday life. In one morning we went from zen green garden surrounded by tai chi masters, to performing for a prince on a trapeze.

Through impro, we learned how to lower anxiety of public speaking, get rid off creativity block, stay focused and not be afraid of being ourselves. Only by breaking the fear of making mistakes, you can enter a wonderful world of spontaneity, creativity and surprise yourself. We played games, learned to build trust and practiced storytelling. We established a connection as a group. We were stepping and dancing out of our comfort zones multiple times a day.

Trainer Gergely Kiss provided daily motivation, leadership and big support making a stage a welcoming playground. Additional activities were implemented to challenge ourselves by telling personal stories on stage after David Abony gave us an intro of playback theatre and Lucie Vokrouhlíková showed us interesting energizing and connection building games.

l have learnt that Impro is not reserved just for „talent from the first baby cry“ actors and actresses, it is also for me, who have never practiced before and it’s also for you. As well, I have learnt how to listen to my inner impulse, react on it, how to stay motivated and improve my mood and why establishing a connection is so important. I have learnt whatever I do, to do it with a passion.

These are just small parts of this wonderful story I wanted to share with all of you.

I would like to give thanks to organisation team Geri, David and Lucka for a wonderful support and to great hosts from Creative Space for a fun place to live, learn, and play.


Written by Barbara Ivković

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