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    We are a collective of creative individuals connected by shared dreams of a new world fueled by peace, inspiration and creativity. We believe being creative is the first step one has to make to develop his full potential. Art, science and morality intersect in the core of human consciousness and guide its evolution. Therefore, we are dedicated to fostering an integral approach to life by creating opportunities, actively participating in change making, supporting innovative ideas and dialogue of different opinions. By exploring traditions, we nurture heritage and by discovering new ways of expression, we simultaneously ride on the leading edge of positive individual and social change.



  • Creative change makers


    Barbara Ivković

    Project Coordinator


    Ivana Perković

    Art Director


    Monika Petrov

    Secretary of the Association Prism


    Karlo Brunović

    Vice President of the Association Prism


    Silvestar Petrov

    President of the Association Prism



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